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snow removal

Snow Removal in Weber County, UT

Hickman Landscaping has been removing snow and ice for Wasatch Front businesses for many years. Commercial property owners can hire the team for full service winter maintenance of their offices and other sites with snow removal as well as ice management services available 24/7 all winter season. Maintain your lots to the highest standard of snow removal services. We specialize in clearing large and small lots alike. We have the equipment to keep your retail space cleared even in the biggest of storms.

snow removal

Snow Removal, Patron Safety & Compliance

Property owners must remove snow and/or ice from sidewalks around their property whenever average snow depth exceeds 1 inch, or when the snow and/or ice “presents an unreasonably dangerous condition” within 24 hours of the end of a storm. Snow must be cleared from around mailboxes and fire hydrants on your property. The ordinance protects the safety of every individual. It is important that the snow be removed from your sidewalk so people are able to walk and ride safely out of vehicular traffic. Under ADA regulations accessibility to sidewalks for disabled individuals is required. Call Hickman landscaping to ensure your property is in full compliance and safe for your patrons day and night.

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