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Dependable Landscaping in Weber County, UT

Quality Landscapes for Homes and Businesses

Hickman Landscaping serves residential and commercial properties with full-service landscaping in Weber and Davis County, UT. Since our founding, we’ve devoted ourselves to complete customer satisfaction. We customize landscape, hardscape, and zeroscape designs and services with our clients’ needs and wants as our top priorities. We are fully trained and certified to operate equipment and perform quality jobs quickly. Whether you want to boost your property’s curb appeal, value, or your personal enjoyment, our team will exceed your expectations.

Landscaping Installs for a Vibrant Lawn

We strive to push the limits of what’s possible in landscaping. All properties have unique needs, and that’s why we personalize our offerings to meet the desires of the home and business owners we serve daily. Our services include installing natural and artificial grass to give properties a lush green lawn. We apply mulch and rock to prevent erosion and maintain lawn health. Our cutting-edge sprinkling systems will allow you to control your water usage while our fencing installs give you the right level of privacy and transparency. Your lawn will look and function its best when we’re finished.

Landscape beauty

Improving Efficiency and Function With Hardscapes

Every element of your outdoor space makes a significant impact on its beauty and function, and that includes human-made ones. We provide custom hardscapes to properties throughout the area, including patios, walkways, driveways, walls, and firepits. They are made from the finest, most durable, and eye-catching materials, including natural stone and brick. Whether you want to construct a relaxing outdoor space for you and your family or a practical solution for getting to and from your front door, we’ll devise a suitable hardscape to complete your home.


Drought-Free Landscapes in a Dry Climate

As a local company, Hickman Landscaping knows our state’s dry climate and extreme temperatures well. We provide drought-free zeroscape and xeriscape services to keep lawns healthy and beautiful throughout the year. Our drought-proof landscaping includes highly resistant materials and plant life to make lawns beautiful and ensure they withstand the climate. If you choose between a zeroscape or xeriscape, you’ll reduce your water usage significantly, saving on your monthly bill and improving your property’s efficiency.

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