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Thorough Leveling and Grading in Weber County, UT

Every successful landscaping and hardscape project begins with careful, strategic planning. Hickman Landscaping‘s site preparation includes landscape leveling and grading for Weber and Davis County, UT homes and businesses. Our team comprises licensed, certified, and responsible professionals who operate equipment and machinery according to strict safety guidelines and standards. Our services provide the ideal foundation on which to construct your landscape and turn your dreams into a reality. We’ll work with you to plan every detail of your design and construction.

Bunglow outside the landscape

How We Prepare Your Site

Here’s how our process works:

  • Survey: Surveying your land involves assessing its layout and boundaries, receiving authorization and permission to dig, and marking key areas like the perimeter.
  • Excavate: After a layout and designs are established and permission is granted, the digging begins. We clear the area thoroughly, providing the foundation for your project.
  • Clean-Up: Once the digging is complete, we leave the site tidy and ready for other crews to perform their work. Clean-up includes removing earth, leaves, branches, and other debris and disposing of it responsibly.

Leveling and Grading for a Smooth Foundation

Leveling and grading fulfill many purposes during a project. Here are a few of the reasons why they are crucial to your landscaping work:

  • Slope Removal: Eliminating slopes, hills, and other obstacles and establishing clear layouts and design parameters.
  • Erosion Prevention: Tightening up and ensuring soil stays compact, preventing runoff water from entering the grounds and eroding the earth.
  • Design and Layout Customization: Leveling and grading your project grounds according to your precise design and layout plans so your landscaping and hardscaping features get installed to your exact specifications.

A Comprehensive Plan. A Successful Project.

Get your landscaping or hardscaping project started off right by choosing Hickman Landscaping for your site preparation and excavation. We are thorough in our approach from start to finish, carefully considering every detail. Home and business owners rely on us for fast response times and continuous communication throughout each project phase. We’ll keep you informed during the preparation process about our progress and adjust your plan if you have any changes. We combine a dependable team, cutting-edge equipment, and dedicated service for total client satisfaction.

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